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Why choose a central vacuum cleaner?


A central vacuum cleaner is a rational solution for cleaning your home. The benefits compared to hand-held vacuum cleaners are the ease of use, comfort and better cleaning results.

The central vacuum cleaner is quiet, because the central unit is better insulated than a hand-held vacuum cleaner, and it is usually placed further away from the actual home premises. When you don't continuously have to listen to the vacuum cleaner's noise, you can concentrate better on the cleaning.

When vacuuming with a central vacuum cleaner, the exhaust air is usually led outside the house or apartment. This way, the exhaust air from the vacuum cleaner cannot recycle even the finest dust back to the indoor air like with hand-held vacuum cleaners. The cleaning result is remarkably more accurate than with a hand-held vacuum cleaner when the cleaning provides enjoyment for a longer time.


A central vacuum cleaner is an ecological choice

A central vacuum cleaner lasts for years and spareparts are available even for the older models.
Puzer is a Finnish quality product and it has been manufactured for over 20 years. By choosing the Finnish Puzer, you are helping us in employing people.



Watch Laura Ruohola's Puzer presentation video (Finnish)